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LGBTQA+ Counseling


     Featherstone Therapy offers counseling for LGBTQ adults. This includes individual family members or friends who are experiencing difficulties dealing with LGBTQA+ issues.

We believe that every person has the right to their individuality, freedom of expression and to be treated with dignity and respect.​


     Melissa Featherstone MSW, LCSW volunteered her counseling services with A Safe Port Counseling Center until it’s closing in 2016. She has continued to offer her therapy services to the community.


"I guarantee my office as a Safe Haven for all individuals — where you can explore your needs, desires, and heal your pain. I will provide support in all areas of your life and offer dignified counseling to affirm and promote healing, wholeness and empowerment.”

Transitioning Support

     Featherstone Therapy offers Support Services and Counseling for transgender individuals. The therapist may provide a referral letter (often required by physicians) to an endocrinologist or other physician for trans-conforming medical services when appropriate and will make other referrals as needed - including providers who help with name changes.

Tailored Assistance to Transform Yourself

     Transitioning Support Services can range from six to ten sessions depending on your situation, goals, and needs. All services are determined on a case-by-case basis. We will set up an initial interview to ensure we have a workable connection and to determine the course of the Support Services.

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