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* Teletherapy

     Featherstone Therapy offers Teletherapy services giving you the convenience of receiving therapy from the comfort of your home or office using HIPAA compliant video conferencing.  Melissa will determine the appropriateness of Teletherapy for you, after the initial interview if you request this mode of therapy.


     Teletherapy may be especially helpful if you experience severe anxiety about leaving home or driving. The goal may be to become comfortable enough to leave the house and drive to your therapy session. If you are far away and cannot travel the distance to the office or you have transportation problems, Teletherapy is another way we may be able to assist you. 


     Teletherapy requires a quiet location, excellent internet or phone service, and uninterrupted private time for your appointment. It is important to be able to stay focused and use the time we have together for working towards your therapy goals. The therapy fee is paid online before the session begins. 


* Teletherapy is available to Florida Residents only due to Florida Licensed Clinical Social Worker requirements.

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